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5 Top Handbag Trends for fall/winter 2017/2018

I love handbags, designer handbags to be more specific. I’m not sure where my love for handbags came from, but I know more than a few women who share in my obsession. What I don’t love however, is the steep price tags associated with these bags. While looking at the new handbag trends online, I did a little research and found amazing discounts of 50% off (or more) on some of the top designer handbags for this upcoming season.

The fall/ winter 2017-2018 handbag trends on the runway this year are sure to influence what bags we all will be wanting in the coming months ahead.  There were a lot of plain leather bags in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there were also some extreme elements that I’m not sure will catch on. Below, see five of the top handbag trends for fall/winter 2017-2018. Also, I will show you where you can get some of these trends at a huge discount.


So many of the collections this year had mini-purses. Some were paired with larger bags, but most just chilled on their own, just the right size for a smaller phone, a lipstick, and maybe a few dollar bills. Tiny bags for fall/winter 2017-2018 come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and styles. Here are some of my favorites.

rebecca minkoff mini bagRebecca Minkoff Velvet Mini Mac Crossbody Bag
marc jacobs mini bagMarc Jacobs Mini Natasha Leather Crossbody Bag
tory burch mini bagMini Jamie Leather Crossbody Bag TORY BURCH


The pros of a circular purse: it’ll always stand out, it softens an outfit, and it is beautiful enough to fit any occasion. Cons: it might fall over if you try to put it on a table. The circular bags for this fall/ winter 2017-2018 are chic, gorgeous, and surprisingly very practical.

sole society round handbagJosa Crossbody Bag SOLE SOCIETY
round nordstrom bagAlice Sisal Tote CLARE V.
kate spade roundkate spade new york Glittered Initial Box Clutch – t


Tassels always add a little bohemian touch to an item, sometimes in a way that adds contrast, and other times as a natural extension of an already somewhat hippie design. Like the previous season, tassels will be a big part of the upcoming bag trends. I really like the first bag below which is available in 3 different colors.

vince tassel bagVince Camuto Elme Saddle Crossbody Bag
tassel bagRebecca Minkoff Mini Sofia Leather Crossbody Bag
marc jacobs tassel bagMarc Jacobs Recruit Nomad Pebbled Leather Crossbody Bag


Chain straps were popular on the runway this year. Unique chain handles with a Victorian vibe and bags made of different shades of leather and crocodile skin. There are so many varieties to choose from  I love the styles with the strap made of a thicker chain and brassy metal.

chain 1Persaman New York Roxy Leather Crossbody Bag
michael korsMichael Kors Mercer Leather Tote
ted bakerTed Baker London Beckaa Leather Crossbody Bag


A clutch is a symbol of sophistication, and a testament that one is willing to sacrifice convenience for class. Almost every runway this season featured a clutch or two. Every girl needs at least one clutch in her handbag collection.

clutch 1Skagen Anesa Suede Clutch
clutch 2MILLY Glitter Eyelash Half Moon Clutch
clutch 3Vince Camuto Mavil Metallic Clutch

These are just a small sampling of the 2017/2018 handbag styles and trends expected to be popular this fall and winter.  I’m always on the hunt for a bargain and love finding things I love – at a discount. I hope my ideas save you some money and help you in your search for the perfect handbag.

You can find additional top designer discounted handbags  at online stores you love like Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack – Here’s the link to see them all:  discount designer handbags .


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Know someone away at college? Receiving one of these inexpensive care packages will definitely make their day!

I love this idea!

Having your kids away from home can be hard on you but it can be especially hard on them – besides missing all the comforts of home, mom and dad are no longer there to stock the refrigerator with the foods they love – and if your child is playing a sport in college like mine, they are always hungry and need snack foods in their dorm rooms at all times. My son has only been gone a few months and is constantly asking me to send him stuff.  All the shopping, finding a box, trying to stuff everything in the box, waiting in line at the post office, etc. can be time-consuming and expensive.

I just found an awesome, inexpensive alternative with care packages ready to ship at Amazon. There are a ton of different options, including healthy ones and most offer FREE SHIPPING!! That’s the expense that really gets me mad. When I send my son something, the cost of shipping a box across the country can be over $20!

With Free Shipping and the convenience of just having to click a button,  Amazon makes it so easy to let my son know I’m thinking about him with his favorite thing – Food.  The best part is there are so many different options to choose from. I only wish I knew about this sooner, I’m sure my daughter does too.

All kids love getting care packages sent to them at college. Let your child, grandchild, niece/nephew or friend know your thinking about them. It will make their day!

Check out some of the great care packages available by clicking on this link college care packages

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There’s still time to get your Halloween Costume Online!

With the popularity of the movie “IT” and tv’s American Horror Story – Cult Theory, I predict Halloween 2017 will be the year of the clown.


img_4076I normally love Halloween but to be honest, clowns really freak me out. Especially with all the random clown sightings throughout the United States this past year. I’m sure I’m not alone with my clown phobia, so in the interest of making this Halloween a little less clown populated, I thought I’d share some great clown alternative costumes I spotted on a recent shopping trip.

In full disclosure, the initial intention of my shopping trip had nothing to do with Halloween costumes, I was looking for an inexpensive lamp. At Target, I was quickly sidetracked once I saw the huge selection of onesie type costumes in both the women’s and men’s pajama section. These type of costumes are the best in my opinion. Who wants to freeze all night in a sexy witch, slutty cat or superhero costume when you can literally wear pajamas that are super soft and warm. Too tired to change clothes once you get home from the party? No problem, your already dressed for bed. With this option, you can’t go wrong.


See all both women and mens ➡️ Onesie costumes. All are on Sale!!!


There is a huge selection for both women and men. There are about 20 different characters to choose from and the best part is they are all under $30.00!

Still at Target, I wandered into the actual Halloween section where there were even more costumes to choose from. The biggest theme they had for some reason, seemed to revolve around food. There were hotdogs, hamburgers, French fries, pizza & donut costumes to choose from.


Oh and I didn’t forget about the people looking for a cute couple themed costume! Also at Target for under $30.00.


There’s still time to order online! All Target Halloween < code>

After I left Target, I stopped at Walmart before heading home. Right in the middle of the aisle – next to the lamps, I stumbled upon this impressive display.


With the $19.88 price but I can’t decide; Easiest costume ever? Or just as frightening as a clown costume? I’m still deciding.

There are a lot of clown-free costume options out there and the best part is, you don’t have to step foot in an overcrowded, overpriced Halloween store. Don’t wait until the last-minute though, these great options are bound to sell out fast.

I never did get that lamp.

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How I installed a vinyl wood accent wall in my bathroom for under $40.00

Whoever painted my bathroom before I moved in, clearly did not know what they were doing.  Every time I took a shower, water would collect on the ceiling and drip down the walls. When I turned on the bathroom exhaust fan, the only result achieved was a extra hot, steamy bathroom.  Bottom line; the wrong type of paint was used.  I had plans to repaint the bathroom but first I wanted to install a wood plank ceiling.  Yes, my original plan was to install a wood ceiling BY MYSELF.  After watching multiple videos of wood ceiling installations, I quickly realized that this may be too big of a project for just one person.  I revised my plan and settled on a wood accent wall. I figured I could always go back to the original ceiling idea once I got the hang of it.

Now for the fun part; choosing what type of wood I was going to use.  There are so many types of wood flooring available today, but I already knew I wanted to use the “peel and stick” type wood.  I think they do make a option specifically designed for walls but as far as I can tell, Home Depot and Lowes do not carry it in their stores, it’s an online purchase only.  I found that Lowes had the best in-store inventory, so off to Lowes I went.  Once I was there I had a very hard time deciding what my best option would be.  I wanted a “weathered look”, which they had, but I needed something durable enough to withstand the heavy moisture problem my bathroom unfortunately has.  After talking to a sales associate, I decided the vinyl covered wood would be my best bet. This type of flooring is waterproof so I won’t have to worry about mold or numerous other problems down the line.  They had four different styles and I found exactly what I was looking for.  Don’t let the word “vinyl” throw you off – it really does look good!   The best part is – a box that covers 45 sq ft was only about $44.00.

Once home, I got to work.  The planks are semi easy to cut with a box cutter equipped with a sharp razor but I’m not going to lie, my hand and arm were not happy about half way through the project.  I finally realized that it wasn’t necessary to cut my pieces completely through. If I cut about halfway through, I was able to bend the piece at the cut mark and snap it off.  After it was removed, I lightly sanded the edge with medium grade sandpaper to smooth it out.  My goal was to have a staggered look with alternating light and dark pieces.  Now this became slightly tedious after awhile because my home is old and the walls are not even.  I had to measure every piece I cut which made this project longer than expected.  I made sure to put the professional cut sides together in the center areas and my, sometimes uneven cuts (I tried my best!), up against the walls on each side.  I started at the top of the wall, mainly because I knew I would most likely need to make adjustments to the final pieces width and the toilet would hide this.  I peeled off the backing and stuck the first plank to the wall, making sure to press and smooth all the air bubbles out.  I know some people use a tennis ball to help with this, I didn’t have one handy so I used a roller.  First piece up! I left the room to go cut the next piece.  When I returned, my first piece had slowly started to slide down the wall.  It was obvious the glue made for the floor was not going to work on the wall.  When I was at Lowes, I saw tubes glue made for the wood and vinyl flooring, I just didn’t think I would need it.  I had no desire to go back to Lowes so I needed to improvise.  I used what I had on hand – and that my friends, was Gorilla Glue.

Now I’m not recommending using Gorilla Glue for this project to anyone. It’s a great glue and I use it all the time but if I had the correct glue specifically made for wood and vinyl planks, I would have used it. With that being said, I moved forward with the Gorilla Glue.  I was careful not to get the glue too close to the edges because this glue expands as it drys and I didn’t want any to seep into the seams.  After I replaced the plank I was disheartened to see that it still wasn’t staying in place.  I couldn’t stand around all night waiting for each piece to dry individually so I decided to use tacking nails at the corner of each piece to keep the plank in place until the glue dried. I did not hammer the nails in all the way in so I could remove them easily later and fill the small holes with wood filler.  Finally, problem solved.  I continued down the wall, alternating different wood shades as best as possible so I could achieve the rustic look I wanted.

It was rough going for a while, especially when I had to work my way behind the toilet, but I was able to get the pieces firmly into place.  When I was finally finished placing all the planks, I needed to figure out what to do about some of the uneven gaps on each side of the wall.

The slightest difference in cuts seemed very noticeable to me.  I was able to solve this unsightly problem with Elmer’s stainable wood filler.

I filled in all the gaps on each side of the wall with the wood filler.  The gaps virtually disappeared.  I cleaned the wall with multi-surface cleaner and the project was done.

I used a little less than half of the box of wood vinyl planks.  I may even have enough left over to cover the ceiling!

1/2 box wood vinyl planks – $22.00

1 bottle Gorilla Glue – $6.00

Total cost – $28.00

Coming next week…..

Finishing the bathroom with homemade chalk paint.

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Restoring an Armoire Desk on a Budget with Chalk Paint

You’ll never know if your capable of doing something unless you try. Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest but never thought I would be able to create something quite as beautiful or comparable to the hundreds of DIY pages I continually scan late at night.

My journey began with necessity. I needed a desk but I didn’t want to display the clutter that eventually comes with having one. Having viewed many photos of armoire style desks, I thought this type of desk would be the perfect option for myself. As I searched eBay, Amazon, and other retail sites for a bargain, I quickly realized a brand new armoire desk was out of my budget. I eventually turned to Craigslist. Soon I was able to find a great solid pine armoire desk for only $35.00!

The armoire was pretty beat up but I was determined to make it work. The only problem was – how was I going get this thing home? Fortunately, I was able to find someone to pick it up at the sellers location and deliver it to my home for $100. Once I had it home, I was full steam ahead on giving it a much needed makeover.

I knew I wanted to paint the armoire a coastal blue-green color but I wasn’t sure what type of paint to use. I spent several hours scanning the web and I discovered my best option would be to paint it with chalk paint. I’ve never used chalk paint before but most websites I viewed claim it is extremely easy to use and very forgiving. Since I spent so much time researching, I was limited on where I could purchase chalk paint at 9:30pm – so off to Walmart I went (they stay open until midnight) in search of paint and supplies. I was pleasantly surprised to find everything I needed. They didn’t have the exact color I was looking for but I was able to purchase 3 different Waverly brand chalk paint colors I thought would work well by mixing them together.

After some trail and error I was able to produce a color I liked. I found a similar color on that I haven’t been able to find in stores. I love it!

Chalk It Paint Finish for Furniture, Art, Crafts and More! (16 oz, Mint Julep)

After carefully taping off the sections I didn’t want to paint, fixing the dings and dents with wood filler, and removing the hinges and armoire doors to protect the brass hardware, I was ready to paint. After two coats of paint, I had the perfect matte finish I was looking for.

While doing my online research, I was made aware that I needed to seal and protect my newly chalk painted armoire with a wax. I purchased two different waxes for my project, a clear wax and a dark wax. You can find the best price and selection on wax at Amazon.

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Waxes and Finishes Set, PROMO876

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk and Wax Brushes, 34909

I covered the entire armoire with the clear wax, which I applied with a special wax brush and I then buffed it with a cotton cloth. I added the dark wax to all the unpainted portions. This helped to hide any scratches or dings. I also added dark wax to the raised edges and emblems to give the armoire an antiquity look.

I am super pleased with the results of my first chalk paint project and I’ve received a ton of complements on the armoire.

I’m living proof that chalk paint is super easy to work with. I have a beautiful new armoire desk that turned out much nicer than I ever expected it to. If I can do it, so can you. You’ll never know unless you try! Happy painting!

Armoire: $35

Delivery: $100

Paint & Supplies: $56

Grand Total: $191

*You can see awesome prices and selections for chalk paint, wax and brushes at this great Amazon link:
Chalk paint

Next week…

I will show you how I installed a wood wall in the bathroom for under $40!