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Restoring an Armoire Desk on a Budget with Chalk Paint

You’ll never know if your capable of doing something unless you try. Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest but never thought I would be able to create something quite as beautiful or comparable to the hundreds of DIY pages I continually scan late at night.

My journey began with necessity. I needed a desk but I didn’t want to display the clutter that eventually comes with having one. Having viewed many photos of armoire style desks, I thought this type of desk would be the perfect option for myself. As I searched eBay, Amazon, and other retail sites for a bargain, I quickly realized a brand new armoire desk was out of my budget. I eventually turned to Craigslist. Soon I was able to find a great solid pine armoire desk for only $35.00!

The armoire was pretty beat up but I was determined to make it work. The only problem was – how was I going get this thing home? Fortunately, I was able to find someone to pick it up at the sellers location and deliver it to my home for $100. Once I had it home, I was full steam ahead on giving it a much needed makeover.

I knew I wanted to paint the armoire a coastal blue-green color but I wasn’t sure what type of paint to use. I spent several hours scanning the web and I discovered my best option would be to paint it with chalk paint. I’ve never used chalk paint before but most websites I viewed claim it is extremely easy to use and very forgiving. Since I spent so much time researching, I was limited on where I could purchase chalk paint at 9:30pm – so off to Walmart I went (they stay open until midnight) in search of paint and supplies. I was pleasantly surprised to find everything I needed. They didn’t have the exact color I was looking for but I was able to purchase 3 different Waverly brand chalk paint colors I thought would work well by mixing them together.

After some trail and error I was able to produce a color I liked. I found a similar color on that I haven’t been able to find in stores. I love it!

Chalk It Paint Finish for Furniture, Art, Crafts and More! (16 oz, Mint Julep)

After carefully taping off the sections I didn’t want to paint, fixing the dings and dents with wood filler, and removing the hinges and armoire doors to protect the brass hardware, I was ready to paint. After two coats of paint, I had the perfect matte finish I was looking for.

While doing my online research, I was made aware that I needed to seal and protect my newly chalk painted armoire with a wax. I purchased two different waxes for my project, a clear wax and a dark wax. You can find the best price and selection on wax at Amazon.

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Waxes and Finishes Set, PROMO876

FolkArt Home Decor Chalk and Wax Brushes, 34909

I covered the entire armoire with the clear wax, which I applied with a special wax brush and I then buffed it with a cotton cloth. I added the dark wax to all the unpainted portions. This helped to hide any scratches or dings. I also added dark wax to the raised edges and emblems to give the armoire an antiquity look.

I am super pleased with the results of my first chalk paint project and I’ve received a ton of complements on the armoire.

I’m living proof that chalk paint is super easy to work with. I have a beautiful new armoire desk that turned out much nicer than I ever expected it to. If I can do it, so can you. You’ll never know unless you try! Happy painting!

Armoire: $35

Delivery: $100

Paint & Supplies: $56

Grand Total: $191

*You can see awesome prices and selections for chalk paint, wax and brushes at this great Amazon link:
Chalk paint

Next week…

I will show you how I installed a wood wall in the bathroom for under $40!



I live in Laguna Beach, California with my husband and have 3 children. I really have loved decorating our home by the beach and It has been really fun completing home improvement projects on my own. I'm always looking for a bargain and have been able to save tons of money with research and rolling up my sleeves and doing the work myself. I hope my site can give you some ideas and inspiration for your own home improvement projects.

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