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There’s still time to get your Halloween Costume Online!

With the popularity of the movie “IT” and tv’s American Horror Story – Cult Theory, I predict Halloween 2017 will be the year of the clown.


img_4076I normally love Halloween but to be honest, clowns really freak me out. Especially with all the random clown sightings throughout the United States this past year. I’m sure I’m not alone with my clown phobia, so in the interest of making this Halloween a little less clown populated, I thought I’d share some great clown alternative costumes I spotted on a recent shopping trip.

In full disclosure, the initial intention of my shopping trip had nothing to do with Halloween costumes, I was looking for an inexpensive lamp. At Target, I was quickly sidetracked once I saw the huge selection of onesie type costumes in both the women’s and men’s pajama section. These type of costumes are the best in my opinion. Who wants to freeze all night in a sexy witch, slutty cat or superhero costume when you can literally wear pajamas that are super soft and warm. Too tired to change clothes once you get home from the party? No problem, your already dressed for bed. With this option, you can’t go wrong.


See all both women and mens ➡️ Onesie costumes. All are on Sale!!!


There is a huge selection for both women and men. There are about 20 different characters to choose from and the best part is they are all under $30.00!

Still at Target, I wandered into the actual Halloween section where there were even more costumes to choose from. The biggest theme they had for some reason, seemed to revolve around food. There were hotdogs, hamburgers, French fries, pizza & donut costumes to choose from.


Oh and I didn’t forget about the people looking for a cute couple themed costume! Also at Target for under $30.00.


There’s still time to order online! All Target Halloween < code>

After I left Target, I stopped at Walmart before heading home. Right in the middle of the aisle – next to the lamps, I stumbled upon this impressive display.


With the $19.88 price but I can’t decide; Easiest costume ever? Or just as frightening as a clown costume? I’m still deciding.

There are a lot of clown-free costume options out there and the best part is, you don’t have to step foot in an overcrowded, overpriced Halloween store. Don’t wait until the last-minute though, these great options are bound to sell out fast.

I never did get that lamp.